Why Schillingcoin?


Schilling Coin (SCH): The old currency of austria on a blockchain basis, safe, fast and anonymous. More up-to-date than ever!

The Schillingcoin is a revolutionary development in modern times. Your The digitization of money is essential.

It is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that works without a central authority or intermediary gets by. To make it short, the schilling coin is the money of the future of Austria. The whole point is to give all people an independent one To make digital currency available for various areas of application.

Worth knowing: Schillingcoin went without any advertising and was never marketed through any pre-sales or marketing strategies. Everyone has the opportunity to support the still small and unknown digital schilling for free or with one or more active masternodes. For this, you will also be rewarded with up to 260% of your coins annually. 


Algorithmus: Quark Zero Coin Protocol
Max Coins: 200.000.000SCH
Created coins: 64.000.000SCH
Coin ticker: SCH
Block time: 60 Sekunden
Transactions: 3000 Tx/minute or 50 TX/second
Interest: 80% Masternode / 20% Staking
Premine: 22.000.000
Default Port: 9070 
RPC Port: 9071
Masturity: 50
Reward/block: 32,3 SCH  

Advantages of Schilling over Bitcoin 

The transactions of Schillingcoin are much faster (seconds) than conventional crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Co (about 30 minutes). In addition, the transaction costs are under 0.001 € worldwide! With Bitcoin, on the other hand, you pay at least € 4 fee for a transaction of € 10. Anyone can participate in the production of Schillingcoins via staking or masternode without the expensive hardware and high electricity costs that are necessary for Bitcoin and Co.

Apart from anonymity, Schilling is a lot more anonymous than Bitcoin, since Bitcoin has a fully visible protocol and Schilling uses the Quark Zero protocol for concealing one's identity, which is a huge advantage. 

You can find more information here