Compare the shilling to Bitcoin

All advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin compared to Schillingcoin at a glance. 

As you can see, the differences between the various networks could hardly be more striking. The energy consumption of the Bitcoin network is almost 50,000 times that of the Schillingcoin network. It corresponds to the energy consumption of a country like Nigeria. 

The numbers are also astounding when it comes to the individual transactions. With the energy that is required on average for a single Bitcoin transaction, you could blow-dry your hair continuously for 5 days and nights. On the other hand, with the energy required for a Schilling transaction, the same hair dryer could be operated for just half the blink of an eye: 50 tx / second. 

The future of cryptocurrencies will depend on many factors. The energy consumption of the networks on which they are based will no doubt be one of them. 

When creating Bitcoins, there are not only high electricity costs but also expensive hardware. None of this is needed with the shilling. 

With all this information we can clearly see that Bitcoin is not suitable for the mass market and everyday use. In contrast to Schillingcoin, all these factors are given.

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